A safer, easier and more sustainable life

Fell Marine - safety and security for increased freedom at sea

Waterguard - safer and more sustainable homes and buildings by preventing and stopping water leak damages

Fell is a developer and manufacturer of electronics, specializing in wireless safety technology.

Fell Tech is dedicated to deliver superior customer experiences in improving the way we live our lives, secure our valuables and allow us all to be part of making the society around us more sustainable. This is enabled through top-quality products, manufactured using the latest generation of technologies and innovation. This results in unique products, developed especially for you. Our commitment to this philosophy drives our products to be sought after for their user-friendliness, design, superior quality, durability, and best value.

Our Companies
Fell Marine

Fell Marine contributes to safety and freedom at sea as one of the world´s leading provider and distributor of maritime safety and security products developed by Fell Tech.

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Fell Connect

Contributes to a safer, easier, and more sustainable life with easy-to-use safety products and IoT-systems for homes and commercial buildings.

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Waterguard contributes to safer and more sustainable homes and buildings by preventing water leak damages, the number one cause of substantial damage to homes and buildings.

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Technology areas

Fell Tech is an A to Z developer and manufacturer of high-end electronics, IoT and mechatronics systems.


Fell Tech develops products leveraging extensive in-house capabilities and partners to fulfill customer needs and requirements. We believe being able to take full ownership of the product is essential to deliver quality systems, on time and on budget. Our knowledge with developing patented proprietary technology is combined with leading industry solutions to make cutting edge products.


We design and develop high-end PCBAs in house for optimum performance, power consumption, size and reliability.


Through application and web-based systems developed in-house we make sure all our devices have a human interface.

Embedded Software

Tailormade embedded software enables delivery of high performing systems, from proprietary wireless protocols to CANBus communication.


In house 3D-modelling design, simulation and testing in advanced environmental lab ensures reliability and quality in our products.


Our IoT-solutions provide highly scalable, robust and secure Cloud applications for the future of IoT devices where security is priority.



Proprietary Wireless
The proprietary WiMEA® is a highly advanced security protocol. Utilizing a high speed link and Unique ID Technology, to provide a robust signal while keeping the low latency needed to quickly react in a safety critical situation such as a man overboard situation.
Product Development

Product Development

Fell Tech does all core technology development in house and has extensive lab facilities including anechoic antenna chamber and RF equipment for full EMC and RF development, environmental lab with accelerated weather and UV testing, IP testing, chemical, salt and climate testing.


Quality Testing, Certifications & Production
Fell Tech is ISO9001:2015 and has automotive quality system for product development; APQP.

Voice of Customer first

We work to really understand our market and our customer needs. Voice of customer is always our guiding star in our development programs.