Audun Lødemel is the new Managing Director for Fell Connect.



"I have great faith that Fell Connect is Norway's next technology adventure and I look forward to being part of the journey." says Audun Lødemel. Audun is employed as Managing Director in Fell Connect from October 2021.

Fell Tech is facing an exciting time with a major investment in new business areas, both in Norway and internationally. Fell Connect is Fell Tech's investment in the sale and distribution of products and services that ames to make our lives smarter, safer and enable us all to contribute to a more sustainable society. The starting point for the investment is intelligent water protection based on market-leading Waterguard.

Audun has 25 years of experience from the IT industry and is former Managing Director at Atea Manage Service. "We are fortunate to have Audun joining our team, his experience and expertise will be very important in the development of Fell Connect," says Fell Tech CEO Michael Jacobs.

For further information, please contact:
Michael Jacobs, CEO Fell Tech, mobile +47 90 82 82 16
Audun Lødemel, Managing Director, mobile +47 93 44 65 31

Waterguard is a leading player in smart water protection and delivers water protection products to private homes, commercial and public buildings. Link to website:

Fell Marine is the market leader in the maritime recreational boat market with its own product brand MOB + Wireless Man Overboard System and 1st Mate Marine Safety & Security System developed in collaboration with Brunswick and Mercury Marine. Link to website:

Audun Lødemel is the new Managing Director for Fell Connect.Take me back to news page