Environment and Social Responsibility

Environmental Policy

We shall design and deliver solutions to our customers that comply with all relevant environmental legislation, and make sure that products can be recycled or disposed of safely at the end of product life.


We shall select transportation of goods and people knowing how to contribute to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. This includes extensive use of new technology in communication, to reduce unnecessary business travel.


We shall contribute in the product development of embracing technology that address and solve environmental challenges.


We shall continuously improve our process in order to prevent pollution.


OHS policy and mission

We shall work systematically to prevent injuries and sickness amongst our employees. Our goal is to ensure a safe work environment for all our employees.


We shall strive to continuously improve our OHS rules and ensure that they will comply with applicable law and regulations in the countries we operate in. Fell shall set clear goals of which we will be measured by regularly.


OHS is a management responsibility and each group manager is responsible for meeting Fell OHS goals, ensuring work being executed according to our OHS rules and regulations.


In order for us to meet our OHS goals, each employee is him/herself responsible for working within Fell’ OHS rules and regulations.


Social Responsibility

We wish to contribute to increased freedom and better experiences for our customers. At the same time, it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable development of the world we all share.


This means we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards.


When purchasing a product our customers can feel safe that the products we provide are produced in accordance with high ethical standards, contributing to a sustainable development and value creation.